MANIT [labs]
ITC VEGAS - Video Script

21th Aug 2023
We will create an avatar through AI that will present the company on top of shots. Let's give her the name Manita (derived from the name of the company, but the name is Indian - we can change it).
An example of what an avatar looks like:
We will agree on the appearance of an avatar and voice before creating a video.
1 shot
Technology is changing the world
Manita introduces herself to the viewer without a shot in the background. Next, we show a shot of the night metropolis.
Manita's Text:
Hey! I'm Manita - an AI avatar created by MANIT [labs]. Let me tell you what the future of insurance might look like.

In the world of insurance, the future is being redefined by innovation.
2 shot
Predictive analytics
A shot of a person shows the calculated risks by the program.
Manita's Text:
Imagine harnessing the power of predictive analytics for precise risk assessment where AI can calculate risks tens of thousands of times faster than a human.
All-in-one workbench
Laptop shot, where instead of a white screen there will be an example of interface design from MANIT [labs] software
Manita's Text:
Picture all-in-one underwriting workbench with brokers collaboration, workflow automation and intelligent document processing which accelerates the work of the entire company.
Seamless claims processing
A shot of a person who fills out an application for automatic payment
Manita's Text:
Envision seamless claims processing, accelerating customer satisfaction.
Presentation of the company
Office aerial shots with company logo as vfx
Manita's Text:
Welcome to MANIT [labs] - a pioneering force in software development for insurance and reinsurance sectors.

Our mission is to enable you to achieve what was once considered unattainable.

From complex risk assessment algorithms to streamlined claims processing systems, we tailor our solutions to your specific needs.
Shots of the office where the development team works
Manita's Text:
Our teams of visionary developers and industry experts create software that unlocks new dimensions of performance using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and low code architectures.

With our expertise, your business can reimagine its future.
Final + Call to Action
Animation of the logo against the background of a futuristic frame (Manita will be on the left, a real person will be on the right, between them there is a logo that closes the video with animation)
Manita's Text:
We are forging the path to insurance excellence.

Join us in shaping the future of insurance. Contact us today.
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